9 Foods That Only Pretend to Be Healthy

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5. Processed cheese

In addition to the fact that there are lots of additives in processed cheese, it contains an immense amount of sodium. For example, a sandwich with 3 slices of processed cheese will cover 2/3 of the daily requirement for this element.

How to replace: different kinds of quality cheese, salted cottage cheese.

6. Canned fruit and vegetables

Producers add to canned vegetables barbecue sauce, vinegar, and other stuff that’s not really healthy. For example, according to nutrition expert Nicole Rodriguez, a can of beans contains about 3 tablespoons of sugar.

How to replace: choose quality freshly canned vegetables without salt, sugar, or preservatives, or can them on your own.

7. Starchy vegetables

Corn, pears, potatoes, pumpkins, and yams contain less food fiber, vitamins, and minerals than other vegetables and fruits, yet their calorific value is higher.

This doesn’t mean you should refuse these vegetables — you’re simply not recommended to eat lots of them, if you keep to a diet.

How to replace: choose non-starchy (all crispy, juicy, and green) vegetables, especially if you eat them after 6 p.m.

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