25 Facts About The Ford F Series Trucks That People Should Know ASAP

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There are certain things that people identify as being uniquely from the US like apple pie, football, muscle cars, and pickup trucks. These are things that, no matter where you are in the world, people are going to identify them as from the US. They represent the things that make this country a great place to live and make people proud of where they are from. Certain vehicles have amassed a legendary history for themselves and one of those is the pickup truck. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

These are the vehicles that are meant for working hard and playing even harder. They will haul whatever their owner needs them to and they will also get the kids to school and are useful when doing the grocery shopping. Pickup trucks have become so popular that manufacturers like Honda, Nissan, and Toyota that didn’t always produce them, are now making sure to include them in their model lineups. There are a lot of great pickup trucks, but the Ford F Series is in a class all by itself.  cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

The Ford F series is made up of a number of different models including the F-150, F-250, F-350, and even the F-750. This line has become the standard that all truck producers aim for because of their popularity and success (which we will discuss later in the article). In their over 70 years of history, they have gone through a host of changes and Ford has improved on their product in the best of ways. Here are 25 facts about the Ford F Series trucks that most people probably never even knew.  cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


The F-150 name was first used in 1975. AutoWise.com explains that in 1975, the F Series truck weighed just over 6,000 pounds, which allowed it to bypass certain regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Their regulations said that vehicles of lower weights required a catalytic converter and unleaded gas.

The original 1948 F Series was the F-1 and the name was later changed to F-100 in 1953. It is said that Ford likely did this in honor of the F-100 Super Saber fighter jet. After upgrades, and added weight, this newer design needed a new name, and thus the F-150 was born.

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