9 Smart Ideas on How to Wash Your Hair Less Often

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We feel disappointed when our hair gets dirty too soon, so we feel the need to wash it more often. But this can work against us: the follicles are actively stimulated and the next day our hair appears unclean again. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

We have found some great ideas to help you wake up with clean and gorgeous hair!

1. Use boiled or regenerated water

Regular tap water can be too hard, affecting your hair’s style. Swill your hair either in boiled or regenerated water, and it will still be clean the next day. The temperature should be about 38°С. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

2. Ease off on the products

Nourishing products for thin and brittle hair can make it heavier and dirtier if they are used incorrectly. Carefully consider measures to avoid this: hair oils should be used a couple of times a week, while sprays and wheys can be used as needed in small amounts. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

3. Brush your hair less often — and use a comb

When we brush our hair too often or touch it all the time it leads to the follicles working more actively. As a result, our hair gets dirty faster. Try to brush your hair less often, and use a comb instead of an ordinary paddle brush. Try to avoid touching your scalp with the comb or brush.

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