If You Don’t Do THIS Every Night, Your Face Will Age Sooner Than You Expect

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4. Fighting allergies

Your skin may be prone to allergic reactions, even if you’ve never noticed any visible symptoms. Sleeping in your makeup can cause eczema and other serious health problems.

The symptoms don’t appear immediately, but if you don’t remove your makeup before sleep, you’ll soon notice redness, burning, and itching.

5. Avoiding skin pigmentation

Have you ever noticed those dark spots on the face that some women can’t cover up even with the best base available? The appearance of such spots isn’t always related to frequent sun exposure or the aging process.

They can be the consequences of chronic allergic reactions if you don’t clean your skin properly. Wearing your makeup overnight can actually cause some serious pigmentation disorders.

6. Keeping your lips hydrated

If you think that by the time you go to bed there is no lipstick left on your lips, you’re wrong. Even if you don’t see it, lip gloss and lipstick continue to dehydrate the delicate skin and eventually lead to dry and chapped lips.

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